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I am not, in fact, a curator of special treasures

I am not, in fact, a curator of special treasures

I am a consumer. I am easily influenced, the easiest to influence if I’m being honest. Material goods speak to me all the time. I’ll get whispers when I’m grocery shopping, catcalls when I’m running errands, and obnoxious shouts when I ‘stumble' upon an online shop. What I’m trying to get at here, is the communication I have with material goods, is very much a part of my day to day life. I was expecting that Folklor's customers would be similar to me; weak and susceptible to impulse purchases when they see something sparkly and beautiful. However, the relationship the customers have had has been far deeper than this... and to the most unsuspecting people.  

Pieces have spoken loudest to those who don’t consume. Those who don't indulge. Yet, the moment they see their treasure, they send a message staking their claim. And this isn’t an impulse that is filling a need to look like everyone else, but a desire to own something that they feel connected to. Investing in something that will be cherished and coveted for years to come. 

I am not, in fact, a curator of fine jewels and hidden treasures, but a matchmaker. I am connecting treasures of the past with souls from today. From this, has come storytelling and memory sharing. Strangers telling me stories of a loved one who had a similar piece. Acquaintances trusting me with cherished memories of those who have passed. And sometimes, it is not a distant memory that inspires people to purchase, but a vision of the person they will become when wearing that treasure, sharing their story with loved ones and passing on what will surely become a family heirloom. 

Preserving memories of those who have passed, forming human connections through communication, and bringing back the tradition of storytelling. This is what I am most proud of. 

xoxo Folklor

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