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    Each piece is one-of-a-kind and has been hand selected for its unique design, beautiful craftsmanship, and high quality. In a world where you can be anything, be original.

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    Purchasing pre-loved pieces helps to reduce our carbon footprint and breathes new air into things that have so much more life in them and love to give.


    ​In a world where we have access to goods almost instantaneously, it is deeply satisfying to discover pieces that aren’t available in bulk. Each piece has its own story that will be uniquely yours and beautifully different.

vintage gold jewelry, antique jewelry, vintage engagement ring, antique engagement ring, preloved jewelry
vintage gold jewelry, antique jewelry, vintage engagement ring, antique engagement ring, preloved jewelry

Rooted in history, but fuelled by a sustainable future. A brand inspired by forming connections between people and the beauty of storytelling. We are where we are today because of our respective families, and Folklor was inspired by mine

My maternal grandmother is Marsha Folk and L’or is the French word for gold. Through artifacts of precious metals and stones, we are able to share in a piece history.

Each story brings me closer to her, as I absorb knowledge of my family through her storytelling; the golden artifact the projector, and the stories its film.

As we become more connected to the past, we become more conscious of the future. One that is a lot more green, with a lot less pollution and prioritizing people and their stories.


Everyone has a story. And every story is important. Our various stories, woven together make us who we are. When we share our stories, it brings us closer together. These treasures represent a piece of your story. It will not tell it all, but it represents a part that is significant, to you or someone you love.

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Megan Mensink, Founder and CEO of Folklor Vintage Jewelry

Hi, I'm Megan

and I am the face behind Folklor. Thank you so much for coming to visit, it means the world to us! Never hesitate to reach out via email, phone or a DM on Instagram.

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vintage gold jewelry, vintage engagement rings, antique engagement rings, preloved jewelry, sustainable jewelry brand

Vintage vs. Antique

What is the difference between vintage and antique anyway? There is a lot of ambiguity around these terms, however at Folklor, we define them as:

Estate - Made less than 30 years ago.

Vintage - Made between 30-100 years ago.

Antique - Made over 100+ years ago.

It is important to note, we can't always be certain of a pieces exact origin, but based on the design and style of a piece, we can make an educated guess.