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Folkor Supports Small Businesses

Folkor Supports Small Businesses
One of Folklor’s commitments has always been to support small businesses.  This has never mattered more than right now.  
These businesses offer so much to our communities. They are our communities.   Your family, your friends, your neighbours.  They aren’t just the brick and mortar shops you walk by, but the people we know and love.  
We all feel more fragile right now, but these businesses are feeling it tenfold.  Every sale was critical.  They went towards mortgage payments, ballet/kickball or scouts for their kiddos or saving for that family vacation they were looking forward to all year.  But their grief goes beyond finances.  They have lost the energy, the interaction, and the personal engagements that they had with their customers.  That they had with you.  
That is why, it is important for us to highlight small businesses.  We see you, we value you and we stand with you - today, tomorrow and after this passes. 
Because of that, today, we kick off #Folklorsupportssmallbiz.  This is how it works: 
  1. Nominate your favourite small businesses, tag them in the comments and tell us why they are your favourite!
  2. If you are a small business, feel free to tag yourself and let us know why your customers love you!
  3. Save this post and share it on your stories to capture as many small businesses as possible (make sure you tag us)
We will work to highlight these businesses and if all goes according to plan, we hope to support one or more by purchasing a gift card.   We will announce the small business WE select each time and will ask YOU to send a private message to nominate someone who might appreciate an unexpected gift right now.    
We could all use something to feel good about right now.  
Remember, we are in this together.  We are a community.  You are my community.  
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