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Reuniting treasures of the past,

with souls from today.

A collection of up-cycled treasures

Creator's Collection

This collection is a celebration of the innovators, whose craftsmanship is a labour of love. It pays homage to the hours of work put in that no one sees.

At Folklor, our creative process focuses on providing new life to pieces that have already lived. We are inspired by the beauty of sustainability.

This collection is an intentional tribute to the women who have spent hours labouring over ideas. Who took a chance on themselves and their dreams. We knew we needed pieces that represented the strength and originality of you. Pieces that were functional, but born out of an idea.

While the materials are pre-loved, the pieces themselves are new. They were created in partnership with a local goldsmith, who has spent the better half of their years perfecting their craft.  

We hope that you are inspired – that you keep dreaming, keep believing and keep being creators.

You provide the colour to what would otherwise be a dull world.

Folklor's Fuel

​To replicate the experience of buying new items, without the environmental impact of producing new goods.


​Purchasing pre-loved pieces helps to reduce our carbon footprint and breathes new air into things that have so much more life in them and love to give

Self Expression

​In a world where we have access to goods almost instantaneously, it is deeply satisfying to discover pieces that aren’t available in bulk. Each piece has its own story that will be uniquely yours and beautifully different.

"I had been looking for the perfect ring for over a year and then a friend recommended Folklore - it was so hard to choose but I knew this one was it! Megan was an absolute pleasure to work with, guiding me through the resize process if needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another piece from her - the quality and care is outstanding."

Elizabeth G.

"I have made a few purchases now and will make many more in future. Folklor has so many beautiful pieces. This ring blew me away and was much better in person. Thank you for always finding unique pieces for me too add to my collection."

Lauren P.

"These earrings are stunning and are the perfect daily piece for my second ear piercing. My experiences with Folklor have been phenomenal. The quality of the pieces, the unique selection, and the personalized customer experience is why I’ll forever be a Folklor fan. Megan, the curator, is personable and one of the kindest humans. From my first purchase, I felt like I was shopping with a friend, and have kept coming back for more. Shopping with Folklor, you can’t go wrong"

Kirsten W.