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Megan Mensink, Founder of Folklor


Meet Megan

Megan, is a mother, a wife, a sister, and a daughter. She is driven by what inspires her, topics that excite her, and areas that pique her interest; because of this, her journey has been unconventional. She has a Neuroscience degree from McMaster University, and a Professional Makeup Artist Certificate from George Brown. She is not motivated by meeting the status quo, but rather fulfilling an internal desire towards personal growth and evolvement.

Megan has always been passionate about finding beauty in everything, specifically pieces that, with a little love, could be turned into gems. This has manifested itself in hunting through thrift shops, consignment stores, and second hand reseller communities.

Reimagining, repurposing, and reselling vintage and second hand pieces is how Megan is personally contributing to a slower fashion industry. Her hope is that by presenting used and vintage pieces in a new light, that people will be more likely to support this initiative. She hopes to reduce waste in the fashion industry and feels that the most actionable way she can contribute is through consuming less and reusing more.