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Gifting with Intention

Inspired by the touching stories of this community, and the purpose behind your purchases, we have created a grouping of special pieces that we hope guide you in your quest for the perfect sentimental piece.


Personalized Adornments

Curate an intimately personal collection.  

Savour the connection that is offered in sentimental gold. Seek comfort in symbolic wonder pieces; no matter their shape or form, they immediately have the effect of creating a spark.  

Forever thoughtful, these connection creators are the ultimate prized possession in any collection. 

"I have a lot of sentimental items from people that have passed that I wear frequently, but didn't have anything quite right to celebrate the birth of my little Poppy girl. There is an abundance of letter stamped jewelry but I wanted something that felt a bit more special and would eventually be somthing she could wear. I bought the 'P' a few months ago and love it so much, I inItend to gift it to her on one of her milestone birthdays! The birth of a new family heirloom"

— Katie

"I wear my 'N' neclace close to my heart, and bought it for myself after welcoming my first baby girl."

— Ashley

"My first Folklor purchase was when I decided to start investing in solid gold jewelry pieces. I got a gold ring with a citrine stone. The citrine stone is the birth stone of November which is my husband's birth month. It reminds me of him everytime I look at it.

— Rachel


More than the crème-de-la-crème of a collection, these pieces offer an experience.

They immediately evoke a sense of luxury that takes hold of your senses. Let the everyday slip away and melt into the richness of their qualities. Put up your feet and let these exceptional goods spoil with their precious pieces of gold and gemstones. Mark memories and put the finishing touch on any celebratory occasion or outfit with a Folklor investment piece. This heirloom quality jewelry will serve a lifetime of occasions (and sparkle).  

Gifts of this caliber fuel generations of a family to give thanks.

"My diamond band that my husband bought me frmo Follor for our 10 year anniversary is so so special to me."

— Chantelle

"2022 is the year I turned 50.... half a century of striving, achieving, failing, recovering and living... the Big Energy Bracelet spoke to me on so many levels! I decided to celebrate all those things with a pre-loved piece because I care about the nex 50 years; with a sapphire piece because it's my birthstone, and with a bracelet because I love the symbolish of stacking it with the one I got for my 20th wedding anniversary and the one I got for getting my dream job in 20. When Megan called her 'Big Energy' she sang to me... big energy is what I want to bring to the second half of my story.

— Charlotte

Keep those precious to you close to the heart with a locket’s everlasting charm. Deeply personal and full of meaning, their significance outweighs their grams of gold. A locket captures the spirit and warmth of a love story.

Let it cradle yours in a personal sanctuary of gold.

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