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Customer Profile Piece: Lexie & Liam

Finding the perfect match between piece and owner, is as important as the treasures themselves. 

So without further ado, Folklor is pleased to introduce Lexie and Liam: these lovebirds met through Liam’s co-worker / tenant, Kiley, who happened to be Lexie’s best friend.  


 Lexie discovered Folklor   through another member   of the Folklor community,   her cousin, and quickly fell.   in love with her now ring.

 (Folklor really needs to be   thanking the women in   Lexie’s life ❣️).

  Lexie knew immediately   that she and her ring were   the next chapter for one   another.  It not only makes   her think of Liam, but   another very important   person – her Nana. You   see, Lexie felt an instant   connection to her now-ring   because of the   resemblance to her Nana’s   ring. 



Her connection to the ring was about far more than karats and clarity.  They were meant to be.

Jewelry is more than decoration.  

A piece that creates connection or carries symbolic value, is irreplaceable.   Don’t reach for the piece that whispers your name.   Insist on the level of connection that screams until it can no longer be ignored. 

That’s the golden ticket.  That’s the forever you want – in a piece and a partner.  


That’s Lexie, Liam and their ring.

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