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  • vintage diamond wedding band, folklor
  • vintage diamond wedding band, folklor
  • vintage diamond wedding band, folklor
  • vintage diamond wedding band, folklor
  • vintage diamond wedding band, folklor
  • vintage diamond wedding band, folklor
  • vintage diamond wedding band, folklor
  • vintage diamond wedding band, folklor
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Low Profile Diamond Band

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$425.00 CAD
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$425.00 CAD

Never have I ever complained about adding a little sparkle to my personal band collection.  

Rings have been taken so seriously because they are associated with one of the biggest commitments of our lives, marriage.  

But they don’t have to be. 

Let your jewelry give a hint as to who YOU are.  Adding some interesting and quirky band options allows us to express ourselves.

I mean, no one will ever really see you (the real you), if you don’t show up as yourself. And hell, if you can’t have fun as yourself, what’s the point

Materials:  10k yellow gold, 16 diamonds 


  • North to South:  4.7 mm
  • East to West:  17.3 mm
  • Rise off Finger:  1.4 mm 

Current Size: 7 1/2

*This  can be resized, to learn about our resizing service click here

Approx. Weight 

Weight Reference Chart

Folklor weight reference guide

Resizing Policy

At Folklor, we are committed to offering a white glove service for all of our customers. We want to replicate the experience of buying new, when shopping our carefully curated selection of preloved pieces. If you spot a piece that you love, but were hopeful for it another size, we are happy to take the piece to be resized for you. We simply charge what the goldsmith charges us, this typically ranges between $30-$50 per size. The turnaround time is roughly 5-10 days and your item will shipped out as soon as payment is received for the resizing fee. 

To get a piece resized you can leave a comment in the notes section during checkout, send us an email (, or shoot us a message on instagram (@_folk_lor). 

You've decided you want a piece resized, what next? Purchase the ring as is and leave a note at checkout (or email us, or DM us on Instagram) with your desired size. We will take the ring with us to the goldsmith on our next visit. Once the resizing is complete, generally 5-7 days, we will pick the piece up and will send an invoice for the resizing fee. Once the invoice is paid, we will ship you your treasure. 

All resizing pieces are final sale. 

Layaway Policy

We are pleased to offer layaway as a new purchasing option, subject to the terms and conditions below.  
Our hope, is that with this flexibility, we are able to unite more previously loved pieces with the perfect owners.  Folklor’s mission has always been to find the perfect connection between treasure and wearer.  We want it to feel like your Folklor piece has always been a part of your story.  This shouldn’t be hampered by someone’s ability to pay.  We want to support a slower, more sustainable fashion industry by making sure previous jewels don’t lose their sparkle and increasing the likelihood they find a permanent home through the power of connection.   
Terms and Conditions:
- available for any piece that exceeds $300, before tax;
- the piece must have been on the site for at least 2 weeks prior to layaway being an option;
- layaway is not applicable to any sale piece;
- once the layaway process has been commenced, any future sales on the site are not retroactively applicable;
- a deposit of 25%, before tax, is required to begin the layaway process; 
- payment must be made every month and completed within 10 weeks; 
- layaway purchases / payments are final sale (you will receive a credit for the amount you have paid in instalments, less the initial deposit if you change your mind); and,
- if the piece is not paid in full within 10 weeks, it will be put back into inventory with any monies paid converted to credit.  
The layaway process will be simple. You are only required to declare your love for the piece via private message.  We will work together to personalize your layaway plan, as the amount and frequency is yours to decide within the stated parameters.  Once we’ve ironed out the details, your piece will be set aside while it anxiously awaits its new home. I will send an invoice confirming our agreement. Once you’ve reviewed it and have confirmed the details are correct, we are off to the races. 
And here’s the best part.  Once the final payment has been made, the piece will be shipped and you will be reunited with your treasure.  Our hope is that this option will allow more of you to find pieces that speak to you rather than to whomever has the money upfront. 
As always, thank you for continuing to show up and be a part of my community. 
xoxo Megan  

Return Policy

The pieces on Folklor are previously owned, previously lived in, and previously loved; because of this, each one is individual and might show signs of wear. Please inspect pictures carefully before purchasing and feel free to reach out with any questions! I understand it can be difficult to make decisions when the sizing is not standard to a store you know, I would love to help ease this process for you by being easily accessible via Instagram or email. I will do my best to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible and to answer any questions or concerns you have.

The descriptions used on the pieces will be those provided by the previous owner. If the material or stone is unknown, we will describe it by the colour and not reference a specific material (i.e. gold vs gold-toned, or a Sapphire vs. a blue stone).  

It is my goal to ensure the treasures you buy from Folkor spark joy and bring you happiness. That being said, this is an independently owned business without unlimited resources and for this reason all pieces are sold as found and final sale. 

Please reach out with any questions or concerns. Happy shopping and thank you for supporting a slow-fashion and sustainable shop!

xoxo Folklor

**All pieces are preloved and have lived full lives (and in some cases many). All photos are untouched and reflect the condition of the piece, please inspect carefully and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

  • This number represents how high the ring will sit off the finger. If you prefer a closer fit, you will want this number to be lower. If you love a ring that looks regal and stately, you will want to look for a higher number.

    This number is important if you are looking to stack with other rings. If you want the stack to be cohesive, look for rings that have similar numbers.

  • This measurement represents how much space the ring will cover on the finger. For example, if the ring is dainty the number will be small versus if the ring is wide, the number will be bigger.

    Tip: With a washable marker, mark off the distance on your finger. This will give you a good idea if this amount of space, works for your finger length.

  • For any ring, other than a plain gold band, the east to west measurements will be included. The distance is taken from the outer edge of the stone (or detail) to the outer edge of the opposite side.

    Tip: With a washable marker, mark off the distance on your finger. This will give you a good idea if this amount of space, works for your finger width.

What is the difference between vintage and antique jewelry?

Vintage vs. Antique

What is the difference between vintage and antique anyway? There is a lot of ambiguity around these terms, however at Folklor, this is how we define them:

Estate - Made less than 30 years ago.

Vintage - Made between 30-100 years ago.

Antique - Made over 100+ years ago.

It is important to note, we can't always be certain of a pieces exact origin, but based on the design and style of a piece, we can make an educated guess.

  • Look at how much the piece weighs and cross reference with our weight chart.

    Are you happy with how solid the piece will feel when you wear it?

  • Tips for buying vintage jewelry

    Get a piece of paper and a ruler and do a rough sketch of the dimensions of the piece.

    Do you like the amount of space the piece takes up?

  • Resizing vintage jewelry, folklor

    Almost all of our pieces (rings, bracelets, necklaces) can be resized. Use our sizing guide to discover your size and we will get your piece custom fit for you.

    Curious to learn more about our re-sizing policy, check it out here.